Circles South East is an award-winning community initiative which works alongside Police and Probation supporting, monitoring and maintaining registered sexual offenders living in the local community.
Volunteers are required to work as part of a small group supporting and monitoring one registered sexual offender (Core Member) living in the local community. Groups meet on a weekly basis to assist the Core Member with issues such as relapse prevention, confidence building, community integration and employment. Volunteers are also required to monitor the Core Member’s attitudes and beliefs and feed back any areas of concern to their Co-Ordinator. Volunteers are responsible for taking minutes of meetings on a rota basis, and  Role Play an important in the on-going risk assessment and management of the individual they support.


Volunteer hosts invite an international student to visit for a day or weekend or over Christmas, Easter or New Year.  The student will be studying in the UK at University or college and will be over 18 years.  They stay as guests in the home for a short period.The hosts and students are match based on mutual interests by the local Regional Organiser who gives full support.  Hosts can invite students occasionally, for instance just at Christmas, or frequently to suit their lifestyle.    Hosts can opt to have a single visitor, friends travelling together, couples or families; whatever suits them.

There is no expectation that hosts will act as ‘tour guides’, but students often appreciate the chance to see something of the area or to go to local events such as village fetes.

We find that the matching system works very well with hosts and their guests have lots to talk about and very often long-term friendships are formed.