Legacy Champions

Home based bur working within your local area supported by staff at Oxfam Head Office.To promote legacy giving in local community -organizing talks and legacy events as well as local legacy contact within networks.Full support given.

Visitor for SSAFA (Soldiers,Sailors and Airmen Association)

Visitors provide friendly support to eligible clients (veterans, serving personnel and their families).  Visitors will visit the clients in their home or care establishments to offer friendly support and a listening ear.  Visitors will alert the Branch if specific needs are identified and will handle the information confidentially.

Visitors will support and help with the fundraising and awareness activiites.

Caseworker for SSAFA (Soldiers,Sailors & Airmen Association)

Caseworkers provide friendly support and advice to eligible individuals.  The role of the Caseworker is to assess the needs of clients and access appropriate assistance.

This could include obtaining financial assistance or accessing special equipment for clients with disabilities.  Caseworkers are supported by the Divisional Secretary, or where there is no Division the Branch Secretary.

They will monitor the progress of a case, keeping the client informed and advising referral agencies of the outcome.

Branch Fundraising Organiser

Branch Fundraising Organisers are responsible for producing the Branch fundraising strategy, which includes fundraising through Trusts and the corporate sector, to events fundraising and local appeals.

Branch Fundraising Organisers are supported by their area and the Branch Secretary, and they will recruit fundraising volunteers when necessary whilst taking part in fundraising activiites.


Volunteer mentors to support young people (aged 10 – 17) in the community, to improve their life skills and increase their employment and education prospects.

Mentors offer “at risk” young people a positive non-judgmental and supportive role model.
Mentoring will involve coaching and encouraging, constructive criticism, explaining and listening, problem solving and guiding. Mentoring involves a commitment to the project but more importantly a commitment to young people. Mentoring is a 1 to 1 relationship and is offered to a young person for up to 12 months.